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Tour Valparaíso and Viña del Mar

If you are in Santiago this weekend and would like to visit Valparaíso and Viña del Mar but all the tours are already booked, don't worry, I can take you from Santiago to these wonderful cities on a day trip tour, visiting:

Santiago to Casablanca Valley:

  • Hotel pickup 8:30 am approx.

  • Trip to Casablanca by Route 68

  • Stop in Casablanca Valley (visiting Veramonte Vineyard or Rio Tinto winery store)

  • Trip to Viña del Mar by Route 68


Viña del Mar​:

  • Arrival to Viña del Mar by Agua Santa road

  • Stop in Flower Clock, the symbol of the city

  • Stop in the downtown of the city to visit Quinta Vergara and Vergara Square

  • Stop in Fonck Museum to visit the moai of Eastern Island, Riesco Palace and Rioja Palace



  • Arrival to the restaurant to have lunch

  • Trip to  Reñaca and Concón

Reñaca and Concón​

  • Stop in Concón Beach

  • Stop in Roca Oceánica

  • Stop in Reñaca

  • Trip to Viña del Mar

Viña del Mar:

  • Stop in Perú Avenue 

  • Trip to Valparaíso


  • Stop in Sotomayor Square

  • Visit Prat Pier (optional boat ride)

  • Alegre and Concepción Hills, elevators and observation points and clear views of Valparaíso

  • Visit Paseo 21 de Mayo

  • Trip to Santiago by Route 68


  • Arrival at the hotel 

Travel Route:

Don't forget to visit the Gallery

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