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Tour Central Coast

If you are in Santiago this weekend and would like to visit the Central Coast of Chile but all the tours are already booked, don't worry, I can take you from Santiago to the Pacific Ocean on a day trip tour.

This tour will take you to the town of Isla Negra where the house museum of the poet Pablo Neruda is located.

You will also get to know the traditional beach of Algarrobo, characterized by its calm waters and beaches without waves suitable for bathing.

You will also visit the port of San Antonio, which is the main port of the country and has a pleasant promenade facing the sea with views of the traditional fishing boats.


Finally, on the way back to Santiago, you will visit the picturesque village of Pomaire, characterized mainly by its craftsmanship in pottery.

The details of the trip are the following:

Santiago to Casablanca Valley:

  • Hotel pickup 8:30 am approx.

  • Trip to Casablanca by Route 68

  • Stop in Casablanca Valley (visiting Veramonte Vineyard or Rio Tinto winery store)

  • Trip to Algarrobo by Route F-90


Algarrobo and El Quisco

  • Passing outside San Alfonso del Mar (private condo)

  • Stop in the town of Algarrobo to take pictures, walk along the waterfront of the beach, or drink or eat something

  • Visit the beach El Canelo

  • Visit the town of El Quisco 

  • Trip to Isla Negra

Isla Negra:

  • Visit the poet´s house museum of Pablo Neruda

  • Arrival at the restaurant to have lunch

  • Continue your trip  to the Port of San Antonio, passing by the villages of El Tabo, Las Cruces, Cartagena, and the Port of San Antonio

San Antonio:

  • Stop in San Antonio to take pictures and to have a walk by the coastline (optional boat ride)

  • Trip to the town of Pomaire by Route 68 (Autopista del Sol)


  • Stop in Pomaire to visit the pottery shops

  • Trip to Santiago by Route 68 (Autopista del Sol)



  • Arrival at the hotel ​​

Travel Route:

Don't forget to visit the Gallery

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